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The GMX protocol consists of smart contracts deployed on blockchains.

Users can interact directly with the smart contracts using blockchain explorers such as Arbiscan and SnowTrace.

The GMX frontend repository provides code to simplify contract interaction and to view protocol information and can be deployed by any community member.

Community deployed instances of the GMX frontend:

Accessing https://gmxio.x requires the Unstoppable Extension, more information on how this works can be found at After downloading the extension, click on the https://gmxio.x link to access the IPFS hosted site. If you use Brave Browser or Opera the link should be accessible without the need for an additional extension.

Pilot version of GMX frontend on dappOS:

Running a Frontend

The GMX frontend can be run locally instructions for this can be found in the GMX frontend repository. Alternatively, services such as Fleek can be used, instructions for this can be found in the service's docs, e.g. Fleek docs.

GMX V2 orders can have a UI Fee, a receiving address can be passed in and would receive fees on execution of the order. These fees are charged on top of the base fees.